/ eSolutions

- Inventory Management System (IMS) 

The Inventory Management system will handle inventory items detail and transactions, orders, and movements of the Items, Accurate reports allow management to properly evaluate inventory levels and reduce older, slower-moving inventory. 
Routine and regular cycle counts keep inventory levels accurate, which in turn assists the stores and departments in providing delivery and availability information to their users. 
An effective inventory management system identifies problems quickly. The more quickly employees discover a problem, the better the opportunity to resolve the problem, learn its root cause and prevent the error from reoccurring. 
Configured with barcode reader (wired & wireless devices) and the system designed to generate barcode labels automatically or customized according the requirements. 
Moreover, it can be integrated with financial system; with additional modules handling invoices, quotation preparation, suppliers’ details and submitted proposals modules. 

- Dynamic Economic Surveys Solution 

We provide custom solutions to meet the needs of large enterprises. Our solutions include custom portals, complex data collection, integrated workflow, and intuitive drill down dashboards. 
In addition to the advanced features expected from a high-end survey tool (advanced logic, randomization, etc.), Economic Survey is equipped with: 
- Tabbed surveys for easier respondent navigation 
- Score calculations 
- Logical CSS for custom styling 
- Predictive Text Input 
- Flexible survey creation to be configured based on your needs. 
- Rich reporting with different export formats. 
Collect your data from various mediums and consolidate that information all into a unified reporting engine. As participants submit their responses via email survey, web links, mobile devices, offline devices, paper, this data can be sent to start workflow for approval, send email alerts, or create tasks for follow up. 
As a result, the system will generate different indicators that helps in decision-making. 

- eHajj Smart Card System 

The eHajj Smart Card system is an integrated system for issuing smart cards that contain security features, and managing the pilgrims' data as well as the Hajj contractors. The system includes a registration program for registering and managing contractors, and these contractors can register and manage pilgrims and their data, where each user is given certain privileges by the Ministry of Awqaf for managing the registrations and Hajj campaigns. 
Among other abilities such as opening and closing the system during the Hajj season, giving the order to print out the cards, sending the data to the Saudi Portal, and issuing different types of reports and statistics. 

- e-Police 

E-Police is designed for large Police enterprises to take advantage for powerful Enterprise Communication requirements, in relation to various business functions performed within a Police Station in the Police Enterprise 
It is a unified system to automate daily work of any police force; the system will help finalizing daily tasks easier and faster by providing optimized processes, it is designed with a vision to collaborate the entire police workforce under one seamlessly integrated system, handling incidents, cases, traffic accidents, predefined orders, statistical reports, etc. 

- e-Office 

It is a correspondence system which is used for communication between users and groups regarding incidents, cases, tasks, or any other matter, moreover used for creating appointments, meeting requests, and notifications. 
eOffice can be used separately or simply be integrated with ePolice which will lead to an enterprise solution. 

- Al-Madina for SharePoint (Document management Solution) 

It is an archiving system which manages millions of documents and retrieves the right one in seconds; it also shares documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information, and performs backup for files and records for disaster history. 
Some of its features and benefits include: 
 Versioning, publishing, approving/rejecting documents.. 
 Workflows on documents and files. 
 Personalizing the pages. 
 Customs views for Lists and Libraries for users. 
 RSS enabled. 
 Alerts. 
 Custom authorization to each piece of information starting from the whole site to a specific file.